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Welcoming by the Dean of the School

Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf
Academic Director and Dean of the School

Dear Campus for Finance Community,

For 20 years, our Campus for Finance conferences have connected all the aspects of financial markets and corporate finance that are of great importance to us. Firstly, research orientation matters very much in our university education and in our conferences. Research orientation is also reflected by the composition of speakers at all WHU conferences, in particular of course at the Campus for Finance – WHU New Year’s and the WHU Private Equity Conference. 
The same holds for our orientation towards leadership in business. In addition to high-ranked researchers, it has always been our goal to attract executives as speakers and contributors to our Campus for Finance conferences. 
Thirdly, the conference series is driven by students and also dedicated to students. And finally, we are of course very interested in providing a stage for political ideas and political representatives.

This spirit of “Uniting the World of Finance“ has always existed since the very first Campus for Finance – WHU New Year’s Conference in 2001 and still lives on today. This is the spirit with which we carry on the WHU New Year’s Conference and the WHU Private Equity Conference, as well as any further Campus for Finance conferences that might be constituted in the future. 
The organization of the conference would not be possible if it wasn’t for the continuous teamwork between three groups: First and foremost, the students attending the first two semesters of our Bachelor of Science program. Secondly, the academic director, who can be seen as a constant institution over all past Campus for Finance conferences. And last, but not least, the Campus for Finance Association, our organization of Campus for Finance alumni. 

We are all very much looking forward to meeting you for the 20th Campus for Finance – WHU New Year’s Conference on January 20 & 21, 2021, taking place on WHU’s Vallendar campus and the newly finished town hall of Vallendar.

With my most cordial wishes and looking forward to seeing you at the next conferences,

Markus Rudolf

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About Us

Campus for Finance conferences are entirely organized by students of the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. The organizing student team of each conference invests huge amounts of time to create the unique and wonderful experience at our conferences.

The WHU New Year's Conference is an international finance conference that engages students, academics, corporate representatives and politicians in the discussion of contemporary economic topics. Listed below are all members of the team responsible for our upcoming WHU New Year's Conference 2022.

Nicolas Engel
Budget & Communications
+49 (0)1515 7001283
Florian Schlüter
Academic Program
David Gazarian
Corporate Speaker Relations
+49 (0)1511 1074375
Ferdinand Schütz
Sponsors and Corporate Relations
+49 (0)174 2827373
Lia Hackenberg
+49 (0)176 72972283
Leonie Maurer
+49 (0)172 5669830
Danny Nguyen
Participants Relations
+49 (0)174 3914069
Ben Seidler
Marketing & Design
+49 (0)174 3432101
Moritz von Buchwaldt
IT & Event Technology
+49 (0)157 52868904
August Deutz
Fleet Management & Event Partners
+49 (0)157 51631911
Jonathan Bruns
Event Technology
Team WHU New Year’s Conference 2020
+49 (0) 157 5312 4516

The WHU Private Equity Conference brings together students, academics, corporate representatives and politicians to create a unique platform for discussing current topics in the private equity sector.

Maya Katz
Budget & Communications
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022
Laura Ruhland
Young Professional Program
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022
Clara Salles Ackermann
Sponsors & Corporate Relations
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022
Aryo Omrani
Sponsors & Corporate Realtions
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022

Silja Bienert
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022

Erik Lüerß
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022

Alexander Decker
Marketing & Design
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022

Philipp Sous
Event Technology & IT
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022

Leon Wolff
Fleet & Event Partners
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022
Helena Mai
Sponsors & Corporate Relations
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022

Konstantin Lämmerhirt
Speaker Relations
Team WHU Private Equity Conference 2022

The Campus for Finance e.V. was founded in 2004 by current and former members of the student teams and Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf. As one of many student associations at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, the CFF e.V. provides the organizational structure for the whole CFF family, while also being the legal organizer of the CFF conference series together with the WHU.

The aim is to assist the student teams organizing the different CFF conferences and to foster the exchange of knowledge between the student teams themselves and the CFF alumni.

Members of the association are the current teams, the former student organizers and people who supported the Campus for Finance in an extraordinary manner.

Executive Board
· Laura Ruhland (NYC 2021, PEC 2022)
· Nicolas Engel (NYC 2022)
· Ayro Omrani (NYC 2021, PEC 2022)
· Maya Katz (NYC 2021, PEC 2022)
· Max Sagasser (NYC 2021, PEC 2022)
· Alexander Decker (NYC 2021, PEC 2022)
· Konstantin Lämmerhirt (NYC 2021, PEC 2022)

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is an internationally oriented and privately financed business school based in Vallendar and Düsseldorf. Founded in 1984, the WHU is now one of the most renowned German business schools with a strong international reputation.

Since its establishment, WHU has proved itself to be a paragon of future-oriented research and teaching in business administration. The range of courses includes a Bachelor and Master of Science Program, a Full-Time MBA Program, a Part-Time MBA Program, the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA-Program, as well as the Bucerius-WHU Master of Law and Business-Joachim Herz Program (MLB). The business school now attracts nearly 1700 pupils in all programs each year, including the doctoral students. In addition, WHU Executive Education offers customized programs for companies, as well as open enrollment programs for individual participants.

WHU also has the authority to award PhDs and professorships. Its international network includes more than 195 partner universities across all continents, with which there are exchanges of lecturers and students, as well as cooperation in research. WHU is regularly certified by EFMD (EQUIS), FIBAA and AASCB, which guarantees an excellent standard of research and academic programs, as well as a high degree of internationalization.

Additionally, WHU is the only private business school in Germany that's a member of the German Research Association (DFG). In both national and international rankings, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management continues to occupy leading positions. Most recently, WHU’s Master in Finance Program was ranked in the Financial Times' Masters in Finance Programs Ranking 2020 for the first time and immediately took 22nd place worldwide and is therefore #1 in Germany.

In the future, WHU will continue to pursue a strategy of growth. WHU's ultimate aim is to strengthen its position among the top business schools in Europe.