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Where will the WHU New Year’s Conference 2021 take place and how can I get there?

The WHU New Year's Conference takes places at the Campus of the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and at the town hall in Vallendar. The career fair is held at the town hall, while the speeches, panels, workshops, as well as the evening program take place on the WHU campus. Our accommodations for you are located in immediate proximity of the school.

How does the application process work?

To apply, you will need to create a profile in our application tool. Click here to start the application process!

First, please select the conference you want to apply for. Then, we will ask you provide us with general information and your CV with all information, including: education, grades, work experience, internships, and personal experiences. Upon successful submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us.

After the application deadline (TBA), we will inform you about your application status as soon as we can. Please do not hesitate to ask in case you come across any questions.

I need a visa for my attendance. Could you provide me with information on how to obtain a visa?

Of course we do. Please write us an email if your attendance is linked to a visa.

I want to find out more about WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management!

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is the host of the WHU New Year’s Conference. Moreover, all the students who organize the conference are students of the WHU bachelor program. WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is the leading business school in Germany and offers excellent education in management.
Please visit WHU’s Website to get detailed information:

Can all applicants participate in the conference?

No, unfortunately not. Due to the large number of applicants, we carry out a selection process and cannot guarantee admission to all applicants.

What language(s) do I need to be able to speak?

The whole conference will be held in English, but some companies may request their applicants to also speak German.

I am not studying Management / Business Administration or anything similar. Should I still apply for the conference?

Yes, absolutely! Even if you are pursuing an academic program unrelated to finance, you can still apply for the WHU New Year’s Conference. We are always looking for remarkable and interesting people. Some of our main goals are to create an atmosphere in our conferences which is rich in variety and to bring extraordinary people together in order to facilitate an extraordinary change of ideas.

Do I need to meet any requirements to apply as a student for the conference?

You may apply as a student if you are enrolled in either a bachelor or graduate program. Generally speaking, we do not have any requirements that you need to fulfill. We are proud to attract an ever-growing number of outstanding applicants. Therefore, please take in consideration that we cannot accept every applicant due to the number of participants being limited.

Could you give me some more information regarding my (potential) accommodation?

For student and academic participants, we offer free accommodation for you to live with a student host. After having been accepted as a participant, you may indicate whether you want to make use of the student host offer as accommodation. Please do not drive to the accommodations directly but check-in at the official conference check-in and obtain your accommodation information and key there.

Can I choose the workshop(s) which I want to attend?

During the application process, you can enter the partners that you are interested in. After you have been accepted, we will try our best to match your preferences with the ones from our partners. Please keep in mind that the number of participants for every workshop is limited, therefore in some cases it is possible that we'll need to assign you to a different workshop.

Who can apply for the Academic Program?

Any academic engaged in the field of finance or related subjects. You could be a professor, assistant professor, Ph.D. student, or another kind of academic or researcher.

How much does it cost and what can I expect in return?

The participation fee for academic participants is 120€. This includes access to all academic speeches and workshops, accommodation, shuttle service, meals and snacks (+gala dinner), 24/7 concierge desk service, as well as free WiFi-access across the two venues.