Global Shocks – Can Financial
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"Big Banks, Low Margins – What is the Future of Banking?"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2020

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Anthony Saunders, Dr. Stephan Leithner, Dr. Michael Drill, Lutz Diederichs, Frank Witt, Daniel Drummer, Markus Gunter, Thomas Schnarr
"Next Generation Finance: The Landscape is Changing – Are You?"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2019

Selection of speakers:
Armin von Falkenhayn, Guido Zoeller, Johannes Teyssen, Sandra Navidi, Cornelius Baur, Alexander Roos, Jan Kemper, Prof. Philipp Sandner
"Omnipresent Uncertainty – Chasing the Narrow Path Between Risk and Opportunity"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2018

Selection of speakers:
Johan van Overtveldt, Timotheus Höttges, Bernhard Günther, Lutz Diederich, Viswas Raghavan, Prof. Stephen Schaefer, Prof. Clemens Sialm, Walter Sinn
“Innovation in Finance – Shaping Tomorrow's Business Models”
WHU New Year’s Conference 2017

Selection of speakers:
Alexander Doll, Martin Reiz, Helene von Roeder, Alexander Roos, Prof. Richard Brealey, Robert Urtheil, Danièle Nouy, Stewart Myers, Finn E. Kydland
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Interviews & Speeches
NYC2015 - Videos
“Financing European Business – Where Does the Future of Corporate and Institutional Funding lie?”
WHU New Year’s Conference 2016

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Eric Maskin, Kasper Rorsted, Dorothee Blessing, Christian Lindner, Prof. Ingo Walter, Christian Staub, Eric Cantor
Best of pictures
NYC2015 - Videos
“Cheap Money – Easy Borrowing, Tough Investing?”
WHU New Year’s Conference 2015

Selection of speakers:
Dirk Müller, Neil Wallace, David Blumer, Andreas Dombret, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Anthony Saunders, Jaime Caruana
Best of pictures
Interviews & Speeches
NYC2015 - Videos
"Tomorrow's Financial Services – Breakdown or Revival?"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2014

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Paul Achleitner, Ulrich Grillo, Prof. Reinhard Selten, Adam Farkas, Michael Fuchs, Karl-Georg Altenburg, Georg Fahrenschon
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Interviews & Speeches
NYC2015 - Videos
"Heading for new Shores – Crisis as a Chance"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2013

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Edwin J. Elton, Jürgen Fitschen, Alexander Dibelius, Sandra Navidi, Alex Wilmot-Sitwell, Christian Veith
Best of pictures
"Sustainable Finance – How to Benefit from Global Mega Trends?!"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2012

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Finn E. Kydland, Prof. Richard Brealey, The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH, Stephan Gemkow, Dirk R. Notheis, Frank Witter
"Financial vs. Real Economy – Two Sides of the Same Coin?"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2011

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Reinhard Selten, Prof. Suleyman Basak, Wolfgang Schäuble, Brady W. Dougan, Alexander Dibelius, Joachim Faber
"Finance 2020 – Perspectives on Tomorrow's Markets"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2010

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Robert J. Aumann, Prof. John F. Nash, Jr., Karl-Georg Altenburg, Alexander Dibelius, Dame Clara Furse DBE
"Behavioral Finance – How to Account for Irrationality?"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2009

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Brian Knutson, Prof. Harrison Hong, Dr. Hans-Paul Bürkner, Dr. Eckhard Cordes
"New Horizons for Financial Markets – Investing in a Changing World"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2008

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Mark Rubinstein, Prof. Michael Brennan, Dr. Alexander Dibelius, Prof. Dr. Axel Wieandt, Dr. Karl-Georg Altenburg
"Future of Banking – Between Markets and Institutions"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2007

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Franklin Allen, Prof. Anthony Saunders, Oswald J. Grübel, Rolf-E. Breuer, Karl-Georg Altenburg
"Fixed Income – Lending, Borrowing and Taking Risk"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2006

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Reinhard Selten, Prof. Edward I. Altman, Hans-Paul Bürkner, Klaus-Peter Müller, Jean-Claude Trichet, Prof. Axel Weber
"Options and Futures: How Derivatives Shape Corporate Risk Management"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2005

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Stephan Figlewski, Prof. John Hull, Balu Balagopal, Prof. Otmar Issing, Prof. Peter Wesner
"Corporate Finance – How to Create Value?"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2004

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Stewart C. Myers, Prof. William Ziemba, Prof. Michael Heise, Thomas Raab, Prof. Peter Wesner
"Rational of Stock Markets & Empirical Finance"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2003

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Elroy Dimson, Prof. Claudio F. Loderer, Hans Eichel, Karl Ludwig Kley, Markus Krall, Pascal Xhonneux
"Asset Management & Asset Pricing"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2002

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Otto Loistl, Prof. Stephen A. Ross, Prof. Bruno Solnik, Detlef Bierbaum, John B. Jetter, Jacques Santer
"Old / New Economy – One Finance"
WHU New Year’s Conference 2001

Selection of speakers:
Prof. Eduardo S. Schwartz, Prof. Heinz Zimmermann, Ulf Buhne, Johannes Maret, Til Scheuermann, Prof. Norbert Walter
Campus for Finance – WHU Private Equity Conference 2019
WHU Private Equity Conference 2019

Campus for Finance – WHU Private Equity Conference 2018
WHU Private Equity Conference 2018

Campus for Finance – WHU Private Equity Conference 2017
WHU Private Equity Conference 2017

Selection of speakers:
Florian Buddemeier, Jörg Dreisow, Sven Gentner, Tobias Eichner, Burkhard Varnholdt, Thomas Reiter, Christian Saller, Ulrich Desl
Best of pictures
Campus for Finance – WHU Private Equity Conference 2016
WHU Private Equity Conference 2016

Selection of speakers:
Hendrik Brandis, Michael Drill, Tobias Eichner, Till Hafner, Ingo Krocke, Jürgen Pinker, Lucian Schönefelder, Prof.Eli Talmor, Bettina Vossberg
Best of pictures
Campus for Finance – WHU Private Equity Conference 2015
WHU Private Equity Conference 2015

Selection of speakers:
Burkhard Varnholt, Prof. Christoph Kaserer, Hans-Jürgen Schmitz, Michael Drill, Mirko Meyer-Schönherr, Alexander Bruells, Giovanna Maag
Interviews & Speeches
Best of pictures
Private Equity Growing Up – Value Creation Strategies in a Maturing Market
WHU Private Equity Conference 2014

Selection of speakers:
Ronald Ayles, Prof. Reiner Braun, Michael Drill, Tobias Eichner, Till Hafner, Fotis Hasioti, Matthias Loos, Michael Röchner, Prof. Bernhard Schwetzler
Best of pictures

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