A Caesusdra in the Investment Environment
Inflation, Interest, Narratives

A Caesusdra in the Investment Environment
Inflation, Interest, Narratives

07 & 08 March, 2024

Stadthalle Vallendar, Germany

February 27, 2022


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youtrex.de is an international non-profit career network that links young academics with companies, universities, university associations, and non-profit organizations who are looking for talented and gifted pupils, students, and graduates.

Pupils (from year 9 and onward), students, and graduates can register for free at youtrex.de. Especially qualified and committed members have the opportunity to apply to the youtrex Scholar program.

Companies can create a free short profile. A detailed profile with a paid subscription allows companies to send out job openings, invitations to events, scholarship opportunities, and create talent pools to engage members in long-term dialogue.

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