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Confluentes was founded in 1994 by students of the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in order to bring theoretical knowledge to work in real-life projects. The Latin name “confluentes” represents exactly this step of combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Initially, our consultant services were mainly performed in enterprises operating in the Koblenz area. Over time our spectrum broadened, so confluentes is now internationally active. confluentes assists small and medium enterprises, large enterprises, communes and ministries, private equity investors, as well as strategy consultancies and allocates the abilities and knowledge of the WHU students. We work on projects in all parts along the supply chain and offer a diverse service portfolio. We furthermore support enterprises in questions concerning strategy, logistics, IT, controlling and finance, performance, marketing and sales, as well as storage and production. Due to the WHU infrastructure, confluentes is able to react to individual questions and cases quickly and develop applicable and efficient solutions in highly qualified teams. Alongside these facts, we guarantee confidentiality and discretion.